South Asian Students Play Canadian Online Casinos

As nowadays many people are trying to get the best education possible considering their opportunities, there are a lot of students from abroad.
For example, a lot of South Asian scholars are studying in Canadian Universities and some of them may play in online staking rooms.

Campus Nightlife – Casino Nights, How It Began

The most interesting things happen after it gets dark and everyone has free time after a day of studying. So it is no wonder that such tradition as «casino night» has appeared. Many people like gambling so why not creating an event where every student can (not under 18) participate, make new friends, learn how to play different games and just have a good time?

Annual Casino Night EventsSASA and Casino Entertainments in Campus

Most of the Universities have a lot of various events during the year, including Casino Nights as well. It has become an annual party, where many young people can enjoy and try safe betting entertainments.

Themed Evenings

Most of the times these evenings are themed to create thrilling atmosphere. Such events are based on popular movies and books. For example, Great Gatsby Casino Night or Halloween party.

Partnership with Funds

Usually, these nights are arranged with the help of not only students but also with the third parties. There are sponsors, who have a special purpose in creating these events. Such partnership allows to provide necessary care and awareness for differently-abled scholars, meet new friends, educate about staking amusements and etc. Besides, the winnings can be spent on various charity and support programs.

Collaboration with Other Universities – Calendar of Events

So if you would like to take part in some of these upcoming meetings, here is a calendar of future events from different Universities.

  1. University of North Texas Health Science Center, 02/12/16, 7-11 pm, ticket price: for students – no fees required, for guests – $20. (You can buy tickets in The Office of Student Development).
  2. Nebraska East Union Lincoln, 25/02/17, 8-11 pm, ticket price: free with NCARD.
  3. St. Paul Student Center, North Star Ballroom, 13/04/17, 9pm- midnight.
  4. University of Missouri-Kansas City, Pierson Auditorium, 20/08/16, 8-10 pm.

Casino Night Policy

The casino night policy demands from sponsors, organization representatives and members of the Office of Student Life to meet and discuss the legal and procedural limits of this event. All laws concerning venturing should be strictly followed, including especially the banning of people under 18. No cash – only free chips or scrips.

Canadian Casino Nights

There were such recent events in Canada as Casino Nights supported by the Educational Foundation in Seattle, Charity Evening in the Canadian embassy, special FPWR event, which gathered donations for people suffering from Prader-Willi Syndrome and etc.

Some other information you can find at

Students of South Asia and Canada

Preparing for Casino Night

All preparations for this party begins way beforehand (6 weeks before or earlier). Everything starts with a discussion of the rules, theme, partnership with different organizations and other peculiarities. Students, with the help of various representatives of the University and any other involved facilities, start to share advertisement to attract many people.

And if you would like to take part in such event – you should also make some preparations.

Canadian Online Casinos – Rules

First of all decide what type you prefer to choose, as there are versions for PCs (downloadable and instant ones) and for mobile phones (there is also an option of installing an app, or playing right from the browser).

To enter the wagering amusement you will be asked to confirm your age and then fill in some other data to complete registration. All the rules will be shown to you in terms and conditions before or right after signing up.

Real Money or Fun Casino?

Fortunately, there are different options for all users. Many Canadian staking rooms offer both real and free modes, you can start betting from the very beginning or practice until you decide you are ready for real game, so pick the one that suits you the most.

Online BankingStudents Casino Nights

When depositing and withdrawing money you will face different banking methods. Usually, there are at least several available in a single betting house. The most trusted ones are credit cards like Visa/MasterCard/American Express, and e-wallets like PayPal/Neteller/Skrill.

Free Credits

Players can try the game with free credits (so-called practice or fun mode). This way you can test a gameplay, bonus features, find the rules and decide is it suitable for you or not.

Online Casino Games

Each Internet betting house provides its clients with various online games, which are usually divided into types. So there are table games and slots. The first ones are also often available in a mode with live dealer.

BlackjackSouth Asian and Canadian Students Play Casino

Blackjack is a game that has the main rule – to collect cards that will bring the max scores for winning, up to 21 (but no more). That’s why it is also known as “twenty-one”.


Another amusement is Baccarat, which requires a shoe of 6-8 decks of playing items. The dealer firstly gives cards to “banker” and then to “player”. You can make a stake on one of the hands or on a tie.


Roulette is quite popular entertainment and may have some variations, but it still has some basic rules. There are many options where to place a bet: color, number, odd or even more. Everything will depend on which point the ball stops after spinning (32 numbers + zero).


Fruit-machines are the most popular as they have the easiest gameplay – you just have to spin the reel and wait for the combination. There are some settings you can regulate as a size of the bet, autoplay, the number of winning lines.

Bonuses and Extra Cash

Nowadays almost all online venturing houses are appealing customers with different reward programs. You can come across matching and no deposit bonuses, free spins, weekly and daily prizes or a reward for being a regular client.

Gambling Regulations

As this has become a serious field of the economics of many countries, the gambling market is well-regulated by local and international laws and organizations to provide a safe and fair environment for players.

Canadian Regulatory Institutions

Canada has a lot of institutions that regulate the wagering activities in each province. Some rules may differ depending on the area. Take a look at the three main authorities.

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission


Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission checks if all license requirements and standards are fully implemented in Canadian businesses regarding gambling.

Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario


AGCO checks if the laws and regulations are followed, registers and gives licenses, tests the working process of any betting projects (support services, safety, banking options, etc.).

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake’s authority has duties of educating about all aspects of gaming, regulating betting amusements, ensuring that all standards works correctly.

American Gambling Law

In the United States of America there are several legislative acts that regulate matters concerning betting as on a federal as on local levels. Each state has its own rules and restrictions concerning such activities.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA)

This Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act specifically sets prohibitions on banking operations if they are somehow related to forbidden online betting activities. However, this regulation has poor definitions of unlawful Internet gambling and has many exceptions, so it can’t fully restrict this type of entertainment.

American Gaming Association

The AGA is one of the leading organizations worldwide that advocates for responsible venturing and therefore makes big efforts to provide the necessary standards, checking procedures, law enforcement and, of course, safety for customers.

Students Gambling

Despite there are a lot of organizations and legislative acts that protect people from problem gambling by restricting fraud and educating about safe and responsible behavior, still some people fall into the dangerous addiction. Unfortunately, students belong to the main risk groups that tend to be more vulnerable. Of course, some Universities create betting policies, but not everybody understands all aspects of this issue due to the lack of information and people, that can educate and help.

NCRG Task Force on College Gambling Policies