About Us

Looking for some fun and knowledge about online gambling, students and entertainment, you have entered the right blog. DukeDiya is the right place to be, as here we learn the traditions of various nations, organize and provide various events, discuss different kinds of amusement, and more. Examining more and more social and cultural aspects of gambling and education, we are glad to share our knowledge with you.

Our Mission

Do you know how to say ‘light’ in Hindi/Urdu? This is Diya actually! Lightning up the world, we want to promote the appreciation and awareness of South Asian culture through the events of social, cultural and political service on Duke’s campus and the world known community of Durham.

Hosting social and cultural programming, we aim at helping our members conduct powerful relationships and share their experience. We also created a forum for everyone to interact via various events concerning South Asian Americans and anyone interested in the culture.

Political discussions, online gambling, holiday celebrations, annual charity events, social meetings, and more. Your life with Diya will take you to every corner of the world, with the topics and people interesting to you.

What We Offer You Here

Surfing the site, you can find out multiple articles. Some of them help you get to know us better, the others reveal the real state of affairs concerning a certain issue. That we do here is inform you, trying to simplify the searching, make your life easier and better. Each section has its subgroups with more news and reviews. Check out the surveys to understand what a real DukeDiya is.

Executive Board

Being a cultural organization, we can’t but show you who works here and what they think about the things we do. Here, you can get to know the whole team, how long each of them works, what they say, including facts and their emotions. We help you learn more about Indian culture, and you can see how useful this is when reading the feedback.


Having a target to bring everyone together, we provide different events of various interests and fields. Offering 37 different clubs, we try to meet the ideas of each student who takes part and spends their time with us. We listen to music, play games (either in live or online), visit exhibitions, sales, and more.

Awaaz organization gathers more than 600 students all over the world for a great presentation of music, gaming, dance, comedy, and other, to increase the amount of money for the charity events.


Taking into account the campus nightlife, we also conduct annual casino night events. Having themed evenings, safe betting conditions, collaboration with other universities, and other attributes of funny pastime, we found another touch point for the student. Here, we explain the rules of different casino games, their principles, hacks, formats, gambling regulations protecting you. With us, you can get privileges for scholars, bonuses and hints useful within gambling.


As we are an organization oriented at service, we make a strong partnership with charities to increase the benefit and awareness of the charity idea. The annual events can be connected with both local and global companies with a range of targets – to offer scholarships, give an opportunity for adults to study or complete their education, provide professional medical treatment for people not able to afford it.

Another initiative of us is Social Change through our service. Organizing team-based events, we want to help you get the common target of the service. Also, we hope to conduct conversations about the barriers based on social, racial and religious differences, which prevent students to make friends with various groups of people. There are multiple organizations, and you can watch a video on our site.