Gambling Entertainments for Students – Canadian Casinos with Live Dealer

Probably many students would love to have more real gambling experience than just web staking games against the computer. Nowadays there is no need to go to the inland casino for this anymore.

Recently such new feature as the live dealer has been added to some betting houses including Canadian ones. So the game in such playing cabinets will be accompanied by a person, who makes all cards operations and you can see him/her in real time through the webcam. This option definitely makes the gaming experience more exciting than before.

Live Games

Gambling players can come across the live dealer feature in several games. All the amusements with such opportunity are table games. There is a great range of different blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker versions which have such peculiarity.

Live Casinos in Canada

Choose the Girl

There are some options that customers should choose before starting the game. When you enter Canadian casino online with the amusement with the live croupier, you ought to select the needed table depending on the bet or deposit limits and a number of players. So everyone can find the suitable place for gambling that will satisfy any preferences, especially when you find a beautiful dealer.


The gameplay in such entertainments won’t be very different from usual web staking rooms. The rules of betting amusements are the same as always (however, it may depend on the game variation). The only things that change are the way of interaction with the dealer, and the method of mixing cards (it is done by a person, not a machine). And of course, the atmosphere while playing will be much closer to the land-based betting houses.

Online Chat with Croupier

The communication between players and the croupier is possible because of the online chat. This is quite unusual but creates a good feeling of socializing. So if you want to experience more social and vivid staking entertainments, then just find a betting cabinet with a live dealer.

Player Options

All options are shown on the screen, so gamblers can adjust some features for themselves as max or bet limit, coin value and so on. Besides, some staking rooms offer to play different windows at once to speed up the gaming process. And it is even possible to zoom in any table you are playing at, choose an angle of view or even have a 3D look.

Canadian Live Dealer Casinos

Canadian Live Casinos with Bonuses

Most of the Canadian live casinos provide some bonus programs for their customers. These encouragements can be of different types: matching and no deposit bonus, rewards for every day or week, seasonal and holiday promotions, VIP and high-roller prizes.


This kind of reward is given after making a contribution to the account balance. The size of the prize depends on the amount of invested money. For example, 100% matching will double the deposit.

No Deposits

Usually, no deposit goes as a welcoming gift after completing the registration. This promotion gives you an opportunity to play without contributing any funds at first, but you are still able to win a real cash.

VIP Club for Students

Some students even can get an invitation to the VIP club of one of the Internet staking houses in Canada. For this, they have to be regular customers, who stay loyal to the particular casino.