A Brief Sketch of Sanskrit Development After several thousand years, the relevancy of a language is often in question. But Sanskrit, the liturgical language of Hinduism and a central language of Jainism and Buddhism, continues to pervade the lives of millions around the world—in prayers, in poetry, and even in daily vocabulary. Sanskrit occupies a […]

Diyamail 10/20

What’s up Diya, Thanks for coming out to Triangle Garba last week. I know people had midterms coming up, but still a lot of people showed up and danced their hearts out. We have a lot of exciting things coming up…like AWAAZ 2010: Hari & Kumar go to Sitar! All submissions that want to be […]

Duke Undergraduate Journal of South Asian Studies

The North Carolina Consortium for South Asian Studies and Diya, Duke University’s South Asian students’ association, are proud to announce the creation of the Duke Undergraduate  Journal of South Asian Studies, the first published journal of its kind in the nation. The formation of DUJSAS is an extension of the successful work accomplished by Sanscript, […]

Ice Cream Social!

Get to know a little bit more about Duke Diya and meet all of its umbrella organizations, including religious organizations, sports and dance teams, and other South Asian groups! Oh, and free samosas and build-your-own sundaes! Come get free food, meet some cool new people, and learn about more organizations! Who can say no to […]

First-Year Representative Elections

We will be electing 2 first-year students onto our executive board to represent their class and host class-specific bonding programming! Interested candidates should e-mail. Oh, and we’re bringing Taco Bell, so come hungry! Thursday, September 10 @ 8 PM in Upper East Side of Marketplace Source:

Triangle Mixer 2015

First Triangle event of the year! Triangle events are hosted in collaboration with the South Asian Associations at UNC and NC State University – UNC Sangam and NCSU Ektaa. Come out for a night of fun with all three schools and meet some new people! Saturday, September 12 from 10PM – 2AM @ Touch Ultra […]

Big Sib/Lil Sib! (We Are Family!)

The Big Sib/Lil Sib program is Diya’s version of a mentor/mentee relationship, but more personal, because if you couldn’t tell, one of Diya’s main goals is to create a big happy family, so we pride ourselves on our Big Sib/Lil Sib program. Survey deadline: September 25! MATCHES WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT DINNER WITH DIYA!

Dinner With Diya

Join Diya for a sit-down Indian meal and the Big Sib-Lil Sib reveals! You don’t want to miss this menu: Paneer Makhani, Aloo Mattar Fry, Vegetable Biryani and Raita, Butter Naan, Gulab Jamun, and Mango Lassi. Wednesday, September 30 @ 8 PM in GA Down Under Source:

It’s a Diya-filled September!

Free food! Mixers! Leadership! Check out everything Diya has to offer this month: Thursday Sep 10, 8 PM: Freshman Rep Elections with TACO BELL: Saturday Sep 12, 11:30PM: Triangle Mixer at Touch Ultra Lounge, Diya will be providing transportation. Cover charge is $8, must be 18 to enter the club. Friday Sep 25: […]