Gambling Become Dangerous at an Early Age – Play Safe Canadian Casinos Online

Gambling brings Canada $15 billion revenue a year, what makes it the largest entertainment industry in the country. Most people gamble without any serious consequences but more than 3% of Canadians are affected by problem gaming.

As a kind of amusement and easy way to hit the jackpot, gambling attracts a lot of youth. Researches show that 2,2% of 15-24 years aged teenagers have problems caused by making different kinds of bets. It happens because in such age people are liable to addiction the most. Especially when the objects of dependence are easily accessible through the Internet. The earlier a young person starts wagering, the bigger chance to lose reality and the sense of harmony.

Who Is at Risk

When it comes to gambling, it means not only Canadian online casinos and slot machines. This may also include stakes on sports, lottery tickets, card games for money with friends and so on. Many youth love funs like these and some of them may not even notice that once it could turn into a real addiction.

Responsible Canadian Casinos Online

Besides, at risk of becoming dependent on hazard games are those teens who start betting in a hard period of their life, such as some relationship problems or other stressful reason. Also, if someone has financial instability or recent big loss, they may see in gambling a fast way to earn or win back the money. But often it causes even bigger losses. Grand win can develop a problem as well.

Information and Tools for Students

Today scholars are left on their own, and often they cannot deal with their problems alone. To help those who is in a difficult situation, including gamblers, there are special mobile applications, which we will briefly describe below.

Be Safe

Be Safe is a tool for young people in crisis. It was created by a team of youth in a collaboration with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Today this application is accessible for everyone on smartphone and in PDF version.

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The main aim of this project is to help students from London, Ontario navigate the mental health system. Be Safe allows them to make a safety plan and informs about s e services. Everyone can create their own health care system and share it with friends.

Thought Spot

Another useful resource – Thought Spot – was developed for students to help them find or share services in the Greater Toronto Area in order to cope with stressful situations in life connected with family, job, relationships, finances or mental health. Every post-secondary student in the GTA can search the address and contact information of wellness resources. Thought Spot resource runs on Android and iOS.

Reduce Risks

To save yourself from gambling problem you do not need to put an end to it completely. It will be enough to do some simple actions to lessen the risk.

Set a Limit

Before starting wagering, it’s better to set a limit on the money that you can lose without any consequences. Also, fix the time limit in order to stop playing. These restrictions will show you when you should go away.

Keep a Diary

Another good way to reduce the risk is to conduct a history of all games in a special notebook. It is important to record all your wins and losses. As we often remember only our achievements and forget about fails such a diary will always remind you how much you lose while playing.

Play Safe Canadian Online Casinos

Rule number one for every gambler is to carefully check the Canadian online casino, where one plan to test his luck. By inspecting the license of betting house, its rating and reviews from real people you can find really reliable operators who take care of its clients’ funds safety. So to feel confident, play only reliable Canadian staking rooms on the Internet.