Main SASA in the USA

Many young people from different continents and especially from underdeveloped regions tend to get a good education to have perspectives for the future. They go to the USA because its educational system is opened and available to everyone.

Overseas students form a separate community with a different culture, a range of interests and topics for communication. Sometimes it’s not so easy for them to adapt to the ambient conditions. As well as US students sometimes cannot find a common language with foreigners due to ignorance and misunderstanding of their traditions. With the aim to help those young people, American educational institutions and colleges have created special inside organizations known as SASA.

What is SASA

It is a kind of a group of international students created to support their culture and raise awareness by providing informative and social events related to the region. Such communities exist as separate structures in such educational institutions as Princeton, Rush, Vanderbilt, University of Chicago and other places.

South Asian Students Associations

South Asia Countries

Such associations unite youth from countries in the south of Asian continent – Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, India, and Pakistan. All applicants want to get a qualitative education. It is worth to mention that SASA is opened for everyone who wants to perceive the different countries’ traditions.

National Holidays

South Asian student communities are working on creating links between world cultures by promoting their national holidays, literature and history. Such events as celebrating Diwali (main Indian and Hindu festival), Holi (the most colorful festival of spring), and religious rites like iftar dinners or prayers during Ramadan unite and support people of many confessions and spread this culture to Americans. Sometimes they organize traditional American events as themed parties and casino nights with opportunity to entertain and play Canada casino online and other delights.

Princeton University

SASA in Princeton University gives its foreign scholars the possibility to be engaged with their culture through festivals, educational seminars, dancing clubs etc. One of the brightest events organized by them was Diwali-Eid Banquet. This festival of lights brought people together to celebrate Asian music, food, dancing and other traditions.

Rush University

Rush SASA welcomes everyone who wants to discover the cultural aspects of South Asia. All the students can join the community to learn and share their own knowledge about Asian culture. Over the year they organize different educational events connected with promoting the national heritage of the region.

Vanderbilt Campus

The student affinity group is aimed to consolidate different nationalities on the Vanderbilt campus. Their Constitution, adopted on April 15th, 2011, contains a blanket penal provision, information about the purpose and structure of the organization, membership conditions, and the way of creating meetings. So, everyone can read the rules and join the community.

Main SASA in the United States

University of Chicago

UChicago SASA organizes different educational and leisure activities to investigate various aspects of South Asian heritage. The most salient events are Diwali Puja and Holi with dancing, eating national food, talking and meeting new friends.

University of Pennsylvania

The main object of SASA in Pennsylvania’s University is to encourage the investigation of the south region of the Asian continent in educational institutions and among the broad masses of the population. The Center supports science, language, literature, art advance of that region within the territory of the USA.

Brown University

The Brown SASA has built a community of Muslim and Hindu youth to help them adopt in foreign society and to rise the Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and other countries’ cultural awareness. This community cooperates with similar groups like Sangam, Bengali Students Association, Brown Badmaash Dance Company.
The greatest thing is that all these South Asian Student Associations around the U.S. territory consolidate youth from the pole to pole, connect different cultures and confessions, and share national heritage.