Annual Charity

Diya is a service oriented organization. Every year, Diya partners with a charity benefitting the South Asian Community to raise both money and awareness for the charity’s cause. In past years, Diya has partnered with smaller local charities, such as Kiran in Raleigh, NC, as well as global charities such as Children’s Art Village. Diya begins fundraising for its annual charity starting with Awaaz, Duke’s largest student-run on campus production. As the year progresses, other fundraising events such as the Triangle Semiformal, Hookah and Henna, Alumni Kite Flying Social, among many others, also contribute to the annual charity.

The charity that Diya will be supporting this year is:

Light One’s Path Foundation


Light Ones Path is a foundation based on the life of Rahul Maheshwari. Our mission as a foundation is two-fold. First, Light Ones Path will offer scholarship and grant opportunities to underprivileged young adults who are studying to complete their education. Scholarship and grant applications will be available for adolescents and young adults throughout the United States. Second, our long-term goal is to facilitate the provision of compassionate, professional medical care to those who cannot afford it. To honor the memory of Rahul Maheshwari and his love for the local community where he grew up, we will create a free health clinic in the South Florida community.