SASA International Cooking Club and Chef’s Kitchen at Duke Diya University

icc at duke diya

At different times food preferences varied in accordance with the social norms, habits, territorial location and beliefs. Food serves not just as the means to satisfy hunger, but also as a creative expression of personality.

Traditional dishes can tell a lot about the character and peculiarities of different nations. Therefore, various cooking classes and courses teach how to cook and at the same time make people of different cultures closer to each other. The Duke’s University provides scholars with а great opportunity to practice their culinary skills in Cooking Club and Chef’s Kitchen.

Duke International Cooking Club

The students organized the ICC to unite together people from different countries. The main aim of the club is to create a friendly atmosphere and make everyone feel comfortable, by sharing traditional dishes, communicating and practicing English. Everyone can visit courses, which are taking place every Monday at 10:00 a.m.

The head of the group, a so-called the chef of the week, is responsible for teaching other members how to cook the meal according to different recipes. These classes are free of charge for all participants except the chef. He has to buy the needed ingredients with his own money. The lesson lasts for one hour. The dish should suit everyone, including vegetarians and allergy suffers. All recipes are posted on the University’s site so everyone can use them.

Meet New People

Learning at the university assumes an acquaintance with new people. For some it doesn’t make a problem, for others, it may cause certain difficulties. The cooking club and Chef’s Kitchen classes simplify this process by relaxing ambiance.

Moreover, meeting new friends in a foreign country is quite important and it is necessary to avoid uncomfortable feelings of solitude. The fellows with the same interests will definitely make the students life more interesting.

Practice English by South Asian Students

There is no need to have excellent English skills to visit ICC. Besides cooking, new acquaintances, students have a great chance to practice English. For South Asian students, language barrier is a reason for a poor academic performance. Therefore, they ought to visit special classes to succeed.

Visiting the Cooking courses at Duke Diya University is a possibility to combine useful with pleasant. This is a perfect opportunity to improve English communicating with foreigners while tasting delicious dishes and learning new recipes and traditions.

Enjoy the Dishes of Different Cuisines of the World

cooking club at duke diya universityJust try to imagine what a great chance have the participants of the ICC! First of all, they are able to learn the culture of the different countries directly from their representatives.

And the advantage is not a familiarization with national cuisine but communication with people of various mentality. Unusual dishes, interesting people with their own national peculiarities, communication in English, charming atmosphere – all these factors compose a big plus for the university.

Chef’s Kitchen Culinary Classroom

Chef’s kitchen is an ideal place for those who adore cooking. Courses, pop-up restaurants, any culinary events are taking place here. Modern and flexible workstations create comfortable and pleasant conditions, even for amateurs. Everyone who would like to get an exciting experience is welcome in the Chef’s kitchen.

Culinary Classroom

The culinary classroom is designed for different needs. Either master-class with professional chefs or personal cooking practices can be easily conducted in the kitchen with the help of comfortable appliances.

Pop-up Restaurants

The popularity of pop-up restaurants increased over the last period. It’s very convenient to have a one-day culinary practice. If you got tired of the routine or would like to try your own forces in a role of restaurant’s manager, this variant is for you. Chef’s kitchen is an appropriate place for the pop-up restaurant.

Guess Who Is Chief

icc for south asian studentsAll students of the Duke’s University are the lucky ones, as they have the perfect possibility to prepare delicious meals. Of course, not everyone is fond of cooking, but each person would probably like to try.

Availability of well-equipped kitchen and master-classes inspires on the creation of unusual dishes. Students are welcome to invite their friends or family members to spend free time together.