Searching for Secure Online Casinos for South Asian Students

safe casinos for asian studentsWhen it comes to online gambling, it is extremely important to find an appropriate betting website. The Internet is full of scammers who pretend to be reliable organizations. It is essential to find out the distinctive features of the fraudsters and the reputable operators.

The situation is different compared with land-based institutions. They will not disappear in a flash after we have contributed capital to the balance. At least, we know the address and, if necessary, we can rely on police authorities.

The virtual space differs a lot. A staking room can simply disappear or become unavailable. So here we give you an extensive guide to choosing a secure gaming house to avoid such troubles.

How to Choose Safe Websites

To find a fair casino you should follow these steps:

• First of all, decide what exactly kinds of gambling activities you are interested in. As there are many websites proposing different offers, you should define the sources with the best conditions. Then you can check the preferable website for reliance.

• Visit forums and sites with reviews. They usually include lists with the most popular and trustworthy gaming houses. Also, players often leave their feedback. The careful reading of the reviews may be very useful.

• Read the terms and conditions attentively and discover each part of the document.

Important Criteria

Besides, you need to pay attention to some highly important indicators:

The gambling license. The reliable operator tends to obtain a serious certificate such as the Isle of Man document. It is the ideal choice for casinos in the Asian region. In addition, to give permission, the licensing commission scrupulously analyses each staking room.

The foundation date. The old betting houses tend to be approved by the audience, as they work stably for years or decades. This means that they are true because scammers cannot maintain their shady deals for a long time.

The promotions. If the website promises you a huge amount of money totally for free – don’t trust it. Normally, it can’t constantly hand free cash around, as it will go bankrupt very soon.

The support team. Since hiring professional staff requires expenses, it’s necessary to invite responsible managers and organize their work on the project only if it is a long-term business.

The software. Flawless developers deal with flawless gambling sites.

The presence of prestigious gaming awards.

Identify Scam, Fake or Fraudulent Site

So, here are some characteristics of fraud and potential scam:

• Players leave negative feedback.

Suspicious license or even the absence of any certificate that proves the fairness of the casino.

Crooked software and games.

• Recently-established website with no evidence of any payouts or minor payments history.

Inactive support team or seldom answers on the tickets.

• The absence of the appropriate contact information: the betting house has no address or phone number, for example.

Secure Ways to Transfer Money

safe withdrawal for asian students Banking options are no less important. The fast and secure payment options are the pledge of high spirits. In general, casinos support a huge variety of different options. Our task is to choose which one suits us the best.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is a direct transaction from your bank account to the casino balance and vice versa. You can do both deposits and withdrawals. And as your banking institution is an intermediary, it is completely safe. On the other hand, it is a quite slow service, so you will have to wait for a couple of days.

Credit Card / Debit Card

It is a typical payment option for any gaming house. Probably, the most popular way as everybody has a credit or debit card nowadays. You can instantly make deposits through such services as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, Diners Club. Withdrawal will take from one to five business days. Moreover, depending on the rules of the gaming house, the fee will be about 5% of your cashout amount.


Digital wallets become increasingly popular because of their transaction speed. Such services as Skrill and Neteller allow you to withdraw money instantly. The high-security level, in this case, is a fact. For instance, ClickandBuy allows you to make financial operations anonymously. Respectively, there is no need to share your personal data. Consequently, no data – no risk. But it charges some fees. Click2Pay system requires 3%.

Other Ways for South Asian Students

There are even more ways to replenish your balance instead of traditional banking options. They can be more helpful when casinos do not accept wire transfers or your current credit card is unavailable.

Pre-paid Cards

Storing funds on a pre-paid card is very convenient as they are not linked to an account. Thus, there is no personal data attached to a bank. You can buy such a card at the online casino shop. It is a safe and fast way to make a deposit. In addition, a plenty of gaming houses offer bonuses for cardholders. Moreover, you will never spend more cash than planned because the max stored amount is limited.


Asia is a motherland of Bitcoin as the first decentralized virtual currency. A peer-to-peer system allows transferring funds anonymously. There is no third party. There is no bank. There are only BTC wallets, which enable to transfer funds immediately and free of charge.


The idea of an electronic check is the same as a paper one. It is secure despite you have to provide your banking info; the encryption technologies keep your data safe. But the electronic checkout is slow when it comes to withdrawals. You will have to wait for about 2-6 days. But the low fee (less than 1% on an average) is the main advantage of this method.

Personal Data Security Guidelines

duke diya students personal dataReliable online casinos maintain a strict privacy policy. Gaming houses claim that they do not share any personal information of their users and related transactions.

Gambling rooms use the encryption technology to protect data from any abuse. It is also used by financial institutions, messengers, and websites across the Internet.

Due to this, your PC and the staking house’s server exchange the encrypted data. Nobody else can capture or read this information.