SASA Popular Events and Pastime in Duke

south asian studentsStudents at Duke University do not only visit classes and learn the rope but also meet friends and spend their free time with great pleasure and fun! It is one of the best universities in the USA.

It is famous for its large campuses and a plenty of beautiful landmarks. There are several ethnic communities including Asian one that forms 22% of all students.

Diya is an organization which aims to support the national and cultural identity of Asian students. It organizes various cultural and political events, expositions and so on. On the whole, there are more than 400 clubs and foundations. They arrange sports competitions, support collegial media, volunteering and various projects. All in all, things are humming!


How Do Students Prefer to Spend Free Time

There are lots of activities at the university. If you appreciate the physical culture and true strength of the human body, sports sections are just for you.

There are 37 different clubs including anything you prefer: from rugby to sailing. The students are free to choose their own direction and develop it. There are several cappella groups, music bands and theater classes for art and music lovers. Students always can choose what hobby makes them happy.

Listen to Organ Music in the Chapel

Students love to visit music concerts at Duke Chapel. The building is worth visiting just for its gothic greatness. Its tower is 210 feet high. You can enjoy the breathtaking views from the top. There are three choruses singing very often, especially during the winter holidays. You can either visit the events or watch the online stream. Sure, it is better to come and feel the unique charming spirit of the performances.

Take Part in the Monthly Discussion Series “Brown Bag”

Brown bag is an informal discussion club for communication on various topics. For instance, its community at Duke University arranges conversations about the workplace in IT industry, the new trends, and technologies. The participation is free and informal; you can bring some snacks and share the ideas concerning the future of the Internet and virtual communication.

Popular Events

duke diya eventsThe communities organize and sponsor various events. The ethnic organizations, such as Diya, have established charity foundations and cultural programs like featured dancing and music events on campus.

For instance, Indian dancing festival took place this September. Amon the voluntary affairs there is World Food Day which pays attention to the problem of hunger.

Another community is Art & Heals, founded in 1978. It deals with Duke University Hospital. The most popular sports competitions are football, basketball and wrestling matches. There are men and women students’ teams.

Duke Diya Presents: Awaaz 2017

Awaaz means “voice” in Hindy. It is an annual event that comprises celebrations of Asian cultural customs and also an organization of charity events. For instance, this year, the two-day charity event was devoted to mental health and related problems.

It is highly important to fortify the people who feel that something is wrong with them. They are especially susceptible, so we should encourage them and protect from mockery and insult. Only the appropriate care with modern medical solutions can rescue them from drowning in their fears, and worries.

Art Event – Duke Hospital Exhibit

duke diya health exhibitDuke Hospital stands among the best medical institutions in the USA. However, the routine can find a way even into the top-ranked healthcare facilities.

Art & Health community understands that and helps the doctors and patients to fight against monotony. The students and artists set exhibitions, sales days and music performances.

The staff and individuals can obtain some handmade presents, listen to live saxophone performance and relax. Initially this program included only music performances, however, now there are picture shows and poetry programs as well.