Executive Board

Jemi Galani, President of Internal Affairs

Year: 2017

Major: Biology

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

What I Love About Diya: I love the multiple facets of Diya. We’re so much more than a cultural organization! Diya also places a large emphasis on service, hosts political events, and last but not least, gives Diya members the chance to bond into a big family through social programming.


Shalini Subbarao, President of External Affairs

Year: 2017

Major: Biology and Global Health

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

What I Love About Diya: Since freshmen year, Diya has given me the amazing opportunity to share my culture not only with other South Asians on campus, but with the whole Duke student body. I love seeing others who have never experienced South Asian culture before participating in our events and falling in love with our culture as much as I already have. I can’t wait to continue bringing these events to campus and grow Diya to a whole new level this year!

Anuj Chhabra, Treasurer

Year: 2016

Major: Economics

Hometown: Allendale, NJ

What I Love About Diya: I love being able to spread cultural awareness on a campus that I consider a second home. I love seeing how many people show up to Awaaz every year, and find myself energized by the talent of my classmates every year!

Meghana Vagwala, Marketing Chair

Year: 2018

Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Grafton, MA

What I Love About Diya: Whether it’s organizing the magic that is Awaaz, satisfying your mango lassi cravings, or giving you an excuse to wear your favorite Indian clothes, Diya does so much to make Duke feel like home.


Amanda Mathew, Cultural Chair

Year: Sophomore

Major: Evolutionary Anthropology

Hometown: Cary, NC

What I Love About Diya: Diya brings Indian culture to Duke through hosting cultural events either at Duke or at universities near us. It really broadens your circle in a great way.

Priyanka Kanal, Political Chair

Year: 2017

Major: Public Policy, Economics, and Global Health

Hometown: Chicago, IL

What I Love About Diya: I love that Diya is an organization of passionate collaboration where students can share similar culture, background, and identity.

Rishi Subrahmanyan, Community Service Chair

Year: Class of 2018

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon

What I love about Diya: Diya provides opportunities for everyone to both to learn about South Asian culture and to meet and build friendships with new people. It is this combination of culture appreciation and relationship building that I love about Diya.

Diana JosephAwaaz Co-Chair

Year: 2018

Major: Computer Science (?)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

What I Love About Diya: Diya organizes some of my favorite events of the year and I love how it strives to broaden cultural awareness in fun and engaging ways.

Uma Doshi, Freshman Representative

Year: 2019

Major: BME/Math?

Hometown: Portland, OR

What I Love About Diya: Diya allows me to continue to connect with my culture and heritage, which is such a huge part of my life. It also allows me to share everything I love about it with all of Duke! I can’t wait to be a part of Diya this year!

Ashish VankaraFreshman Representative

Year: 2019

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Worthington, OH

What I Love About Diya: I love the wide range of people that Diya brings together to celebrate South Asian culture.