Legality of Gambling in North Carolina – Students’ Review

Unfortunately, the state of North Carolina is not so gambling-friendly in the US. There are some prohibiting laws which specifically define this term, and everything that is under such definition (activities that include bets of any kind) is not legal in this area.

There are several exceptions and the big casinos do exist here, but only on Tribal land.
So there is some serious pressure that doesn’t allow developing of the staking industry in this region. But not everything is that bad.

Is It Legal

Well, there is good news for online gamblers. Internet staking activities are not specified as illegal in the laws of NC.

This means that your actions as a thrill seeker and the actions of the companies providing online betting services cannot be considered as unlawful. Therefore, some web wagering rooms like casino online Canada and others are available for the audience (including students, of course) in this area.

So to be totally sure that you’re not abusing any laws, just choose only reliable websites with license and play only if you are of the lawful age.

Gambling Law in North Carolina

Gambling Age

If you are a student who is searching for fun online, firstly, you ought to find out the age requirements for such activities in your state. We have researched that in North Carolina there are such conditions: being at least 18 years old for lottery or bingo and 21 for poker rooms, web gaming houses, and Internet sports-books.

NC Gambling Law History

The history of gambling law enforcement in this state is quite interesting as it went alternatively compared to other states. For example, even horse riding is not a lawful entertainment in NC, while other ones do not prohibit this.

North Carolina Gambling Law

North Carolina made its first move to legalizing some aspects of staking amusements (beach bingo) in 1983. However, there are restrictions concerning the size of prizes in raffles and bingo games. By the way, the state lottery was permitted only in the 90s, and the first ticket was sold only in 2006!

So as a conclusion, you can discover that there are some attempts to improve the legislation of venturing in North Carolina, but still, the situation does not seem promising, as a lot of other states have gone much further and have developed a powerful industry that helps both government and citizens. But we have discovered that at least web staking amusements are not forbidden and you are not trespassing against any laws when playing safely and following all requirements of this state.