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The website is owned and operated by DukeDiya. The page determines the Privacy and Cookie Policy of Here, we inform which kind of intelligence we need, how we harvest, use and safeguard it. Learning the document and continuing to use our service, you admit the conditions and agree to obey the presented rules and principles.

Along with that, we must warn you that some points of the policy can be changed any time. The modification is conducted at our personal discretion, according to our ideas. As we do not send the notification about the update, every visitor is responsible to inspect the document once in a while for new points and specialties.

DukeDiya Data Privacy

Here, at, we tell about South Asia students, their culture and traditions. Providing multiple events for people all over the world to meet each other and know the community and its values better, we organize some exhibitions, charity events, gambling nights, cooking clubs, and more. The content is informative and we do not ask you to form an account here.


Still, there may be harvested some intelligence for newspapers, mobile notifications, reminders, etc. At that rate, we assure that all the data is safety, protected from illegal usage. On your part, you can prevent the disclosure of important info through the Internet by making sure no one knows your username and creating a safe (complicated) password.


We do not preserve any intelligence related to you longer than it is required, as well as we respect your privacy. The data is relevant and active within your membership. As soon as you delete your account, all the information will be removed from our database immediately. You can also unsubscribe from our newsletters. Just follow the link presented at the bottom of each letter and your email address will be erased.

International Transfer of Data

Some pieces of your personal information may be disclosed as we get a request from law enforcement bodies beyond the European Union. Receiving a legal or regulatory query, we examine the authority and the request itself before sharing any intelligence. Having any doubts or questions, please, contact us to get a more detailed explanation for more information.

We Use Cookies

As you enter the site, you see a notification – we use Cookies. There is a pop-up window with the intelligence about the activated HTTP cookies, a slight description of our purposes and a link to the current page. In case you continue to be with us and use our service, we consider this step as an agreement with all the policy and terms we apply.
A cookie is a tiny file with information that is kept on the device you use when entering DukeDiya. With its help, the site is enabled to remember some preferences and actions of yours, including your username, location, language and other attributes. The procedure is done over a certain time period and saves your time, as you don’t have to re-enter your profile every time.

Cookies Gathering

Cookies are created to simplify the site usage and help make our content better. Analyzing your IP address, preferred language, the amount of time you spend on certain articles and pages, we can understand which topics you like most and what exactly you are interested in. Using technical, storage, provide, and other kinds of pixels, we let them conduct different functions and make the improvement process easier.


In case you don’t want us to conduct the analyzes of your activity on the website, you can disable the option in your browser settings. You can either stop the function or delete all the data already harvested. Though, we recommend you to keep the feature active as it is done for your benefit only.