Online Blackjack Games and Casinos for Students

As online blackjack is such a popular gambling game around the world, it’s no wonder that different people try their luck in this amusement, especially students. There can be numerous appealing offers for 18-25 years old guys and girl alike, who enjoy placing bets.

Blackjack – Huge Variety of Options

As there are a lot of options, it’s needed to highlight the most common versions you might come across:

  • Chinese Blackjack – each player should collect at least 16 points, a dealer can reveal certain hands and hit further before even accepting new bets from players.
  • Spanish 21 – also has a significant change in rules. The deck is 10 cards less (48 instead of 58). There are additional payouts and an opportunity to double down.
  • European – this one is played with 4 decks. There can be a round of bets when the cards aren’t even dealt. If a dealer has an ace, it’s possible to buy an insurance (special bet) for players.
  • Pontoon – is popular entertainment in Asia and Australia. The rules are quite similar to Spanish 21.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack – the first two cards of the dealer are exposed.
  • Pitch BJ – has a single deck.
  • Multi-hand – it allows you to play up to 8 hands at once.

Online 21 with Real Bets

Any of these blackjack alternatives are not only for fun, but also for real money. The non-free modes are very popular, as they give an opportunity to not only entertain but get real winnings.

Practice Fun Mode

Online Blackjack StudentsFor newcomers or just the ones who want to play without the risk of losing money, there is a practice mode that requires no funds. From there, you can learn the basic rules and some peculiarities of the game.

Blackjack with Live Dealer

Recently a live dealer blackjack has appeared on the betting market, attracting thousands of excited customers. Such amusement has all the basics, but it’s enhanced with the presence of a live dealer, who deal hands (just like in land-based casino rooms). It’s quite unusual to have a real-time playing session with other people, with whom you can actually interact online.

Video Streaming

It gives casino customers an opportunity to watch the gaming process in high quality and real time. Dealers are situated all over the world, and you can play with them online. Just choose the resolution.

Player Options

There are various live dealer options for the player. However, they may differ from one staking hall to another. Usually, a gamer can choose the table by the photo of the croupier, with needed bet limits, languages, and even play in multiple windows at the same time.

Bonuses for Students

Students Play BlackjackWeb betting houses, which have a diverse audience (including students), offer different bonus programs for their customers. Such promotions greatly help during the gaming session, because of extra cash or free plays.

Match Deposit – 100%-200%

Matching deposit bonus has become a traditional encouragement in the majority of online betting houses. It adds some money to your balance, depending on how big is your deposit. For example, 100% (or even 200%) matching bonus will at least double the initially contributed sum.

Gifts for Pros

There are special rewards, like the high roller and VIP benefits, for customers who are experienced gamblers playing with large sums. With these promotions, you can get thousands of dollars as a reward.

Wagering Requirements for Each Bonus

For each kind of bonus, there will be specific demands you should satisfy, they’re called wagering requirements. Depending on the type and the size of the promotion, a player ought to wager a certain amount of money (up to even 50 times more, than the value of a given bonus). Only free spins for slots can be wager free, but read carefully informational block. Therefore, it’s better to become familiar with such tricky conditions before accepting anything.

Playing Blackjack for Crypto

Not so long time ago most of us have never thought about playing blackjack for something different than usual money. Welcome to the age of cryptocurrency! Every gambling platform now easily accepts Bitcoin. And reasons are quite clear: gamers can withdraw it much faster, having total anonymity.

The Way It Works

Besides the fact of depositing crypto money into account, but not the usual ones, bitcoin blackjack is completely the same. So, if you’re good in it, you can try your luck with some different rates.

Mobile Apps

There are plenty of crypto blackjack applications for mobile, so it wouldn’t be a problem for a real gambler to find his way to luck. Because of using Adobe Flash by developers, we can’t enjoy every game from cryptocurrency casinos on iOS, but still, the range is quite wide.

Card Counting in Blackjack

They say experienced gamers can derive some benefits when thoroughly following the flow of cards in BJ. Several mathematical algorithms can help beat the casino. Nowadays all betting houses are aware of such cheating methods and therefore they’ve created enhanced systems of detecting such players. However, there are some people who know how to overplay the dealer.

MIT Blackjack Team

One of the most infamous cases is the story of a team, which was made up of MIT students in 1979. They decided to discover a way to beat betting rooms at the 21 game. For many years, they were quite successful and their team significantly expanded. Its members played online BJ not only in the US, but worldwide and managed to return with outstanding sums of money.

Card Counting Online

Blackjack Game for StudentsAs 21 is a game that has very little opportunities for cheating, especially online, it’s quite difficult to outplay the computer, which generates random numbers, by counting cards. New smart technologies, and the features of multiple decks in the shoe decrease opportunities for getting some advantage by predicting the possible outcome. It is unlikely to discover the results even in live dealer gambling houses, as shuffling is done regularly.

Blackjack Tournaments

There are even special tournaments for this game. Many players all over the world take part in them, as the prize is much higher than usual. One or several casinos together usually organize such tournaments. They can be seasonal, regular (daily or even hourly) or just periodically.

21 from Different Software Providers

As this amusement is so common on the gambling market, many providers make their own versions. Here are links for the best 21’s by different soft developers.


RTGRTG is a supplier that has created various BJ games for different Internet gambling houses. The main advantages of its products are various configurable options and great graphics quality.


RivalThis company has few options for online blackjack, however, they are gilded with the most advanced features and high-end image quality.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic PlayBeing a relatively young brand in this industry, it’s already gained some following. Pragmatic Play makes such projects that are the easiest to access, allowing many users worldwide to enjoy its amusements.

Wagerworks (IGT)

Wagerworks (IGT)Wagerworks creates games and whole platforms that can be used in various Internet betting cabinets. As a part of IGT, it’s considered a reliable software developer.


NetEnt NetEnt is a well-known provider of software for online betting rooms, its products are beloved by many gamblers, especially a series of BJ entertainment with a 3D look and useful options.


PlaytechThe majority of online casinos choose Playtech versions of 21, as this company creates such entertainments, which allow selecting tables, hand numbers, and other features.


MicrogamingAs the leading company in the online gambling industry, Microgaming offers a huge range of such card amusement. It’s developed many variations, so everyone can find a suitable option.