Winning Strategy of Online Blackjack for Students of Duke Diya

The knowledge of the fundamental rules of blackjack online gives you a solid advantage regardless of the multiple game variations. Duke Diya scholars disclose the basics for their successors with the few exclusive tips.
Strategy of Online Blackjack

Basic Strategy

Fundamental strategy offers the optimal decisions for every further step of those who do not want to cheat with card counting. Even when the rules differ in various casinos, the schema remains the same due to the deep-seated original game flow. The plan below has been statistically tested as the one that reduces the house edge and maximizes the odds of winning, yet naturally not guaranteeing it. The essential patterns of Hit and Stand should be always referred to until you learn them by heart. However, the dubious question of the value 17 deserves more attention and study.

Hit on 17

The amount of 17 is specified by the descriptive “soft”, when a gambler can also count it as a total of seven (a hand should have an Ace). In online blackjack, the Ace may be played at a value of one or eleven, thus a player should opt for hitting. It is advised so, because of this hand’s flexible nature.

Stand on 17

A hand of hard-17 (made by any variety, except of an Ace) is considered a strong one, hence you should definitely stand. A number higher than 16 is good enough to stop taking more and therefore exclude the risk of busting, where the total will go above 21.

Main Rules of Online Blackjack by Duke Diya

The Diya students union shares the core guidelines for a successful blackjack. The key moves will bring a gambler to a more thoughtful and skillful experience. The principal strategy along with the wise tips makes RTP of 99.63% very real.

Winning Tips for Online Blackjack


Do split the aces! Even with only one further card given for both ones, 11 makes a very strong starting value and remains the best option. The same works for 8-8. Under other circumstances, pass on to the basic strategy plan.

Double Down

This feature allows you to increase the winning potential by doubling your initial bet. But the move should happen before taking an extra card. Moreover, after the double down, you need to take only one card more. So, a player should take this decision being confident that it will improve the hand’s value without a risk of a bust.


With the worth of 16 in your hand and 10 in the dealer’s or with 15 in yours and 9,10 in the croupier’s – it is favorable to surrender. Sacrifice of half stake in this case will minimize the loss in the general run. If this step is forbidden, the next best choice is to hit.

Insurance – Never Use

This move doesn’t benefit you in a long-term game. Insurance is typically worth half the sum placed on the main bet. Hence, when the dealer hits the blackjack, the main stake gets lost and only the insurance bet is won.

Number of Decks

The quantity of decks defined by the croupier in web blackjack creates a minor change in the house advantage.

  1. 1 – 0.17%
  2. 2 – 0.46%
  3. 4 – 0.60%
  4. 6 – 0.64%
  5. 8 – 0.65%

Hence, the less decks are played, the better the scenario goes for a gambler. Most online versions of online blackjack offer 4 or 6, yet some also allow single deck option.