Online Blackjack with High Stakes

Blackjack has a lot of variations and different options are available depending on which online casino to choose. And of course, there are special features for people, who play with big sums. If you prefer to gamble with substantial cash, then try playing Internet BJ at the table with high stake limits.

Bonuses for Risky Students

As the risk is much higher when setting big bets, the bonuses also are huge. Many web betting rooms offer special promotions for high-roller players. These encouragements can exceed hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. For example, the best online gambling houses offer up to $1,000 as a reward after depositing.

Match Gifts 200% – 400%

You can also receive a cool present that can double or triple the initially deposited sum. A matching gift is a quite common type of reward, but only in such risky versions of online blackjack players can see how lucrative they are. If you accept the offer of 200% bonus, you receive the 2x size of your contribution on your balance as a prize. Sometimes you can come across offers of even 400%. Use it, as this promotion may help to win much more.Highest League in Online Blackjack

Min Deposit to Get the Bonus

There are always some requirements that should be satisfied to get the bonus. One of them is the minimum size of the deposit. For example, most of the web casinos set $1000 as the least sum for getting the reward.


However, not everything is that easy. Except for min deposit, there are wagering requirements – conditions that you are obliged to follow to claim the prize cash. Usually, casino customers ought to set stakes 25-30 times more than deposited funds. Although they seem to be very harsh (the necessity to wager 30-70 thousands of dollars may sound scary), it is still possible. They can gather this sum from every stake gamblers make, besides players may complete the requirement in many gaming sessions.

High Roller Blackjack Online

High Limit Tips

Of course, this is a game of luck, however, it is possible to get some benefits and develop a way to reduce losing and increase winning outcomes. For this, you have to learn some useful information.

Follow these few rules to be a successful player at high limit BJ:

  • Choose the game that has a lower house edge (BJ that pays 3 to 2, and has only 1 or 2 decks).
  • Learn a strategy to be a more skillful gambler. Thus, you may reduce the advantage of the house greatly.
  • Avoid insurance bets, they only increase the risk and this is not worth it.
  • Don’t pay much attention to progressive betting strategy, as it doesn’t work well in 21.

Big Win at Online Blackjack

This game can make you richer easily. There were various situations when people got huge winnings while staking in online blackjack. For example, recently a young student has won a prize with a bet of 10 thousand dollars in live dealer 21. So it is possible to make serious money with such an entertainment.