Online Blackjack Tips for Scholars

The most common myth about a popular card delight as online blackjack is that winning is totally dependent on luck. But in fact, at 90% the amusement’ outcome depends on player’s personal skills and the strategy.

There is a huge selection of twenty-one entertainments in the field of gambling. They all have own distinguishing features. But general rules of successful wagering are the same. So if you would like to test your fortune making some bets in this popular card fun, learn basic tips below.

Maximum Betting Limit

First of all, you should pay attention to maximum table limits – the highest possible wager you can make in a particular game. Remember the rule: it’s better to select the table with max wagering limitation not bigger than 5%. This will lessen your chances to lose money and as a result – your playing time will be prolonged.

Winning Tips in Online Blackjack

Basic Blackjack Strategy

After learning the principal rules of online twenty-one people naturally choose a strategy of playing that will help them not to fail as long as it is possible. It contains the advice how to move in different conditions, especially if you are not a professional player. Follow the tips of the chosen tactic, only then it will be effective. Use this plan bit by bit and very soon you will be able to grab a prize.

Stand on 17

In case if the croupier stands on 17 scores, your gaming plan should contain next points:

  • surrender hard 15 if the operator has 10, or hard 16 if he has nine, ten or an Ace;
  • split Aces and 8, but never split 5 and 10;
  • double hard 9 against dealers 3-6, double 10-11 but not when he has an Ace or ten, double soft 13-18 if a rival has up to 6;
  • always hit on seventeen and hard 11 or lower;
  • stop on soft 19 and hard 17 or higher.

Hit on 17

The strategy will differ if the opponent will take cards. In this situation, your moves are next:

  • surrender 8s, 15 and 17 against croupier’s Ace;
  • double 11 if the dealing person has an A;
  • double soft 18 against operator’s 2, and soft 19 against his 6;
  • hits and stands are similar as during the previous condition.

Wagering Requirements

Today all 21 amusements have a range of bonuses and special offers to attract more customers. Well, gifts are good features that will raise your chances of a real winning. But before buying generous benefits, take count of wagering conditions. Because in order to withdraw the money earned by using presents, you always have to fulfill terms, which may vary.
This means you will have to wager certain times during some period before outputting the wins. Sometimes such restrictions are quite unprofitable, so it’s better for you to check everything before the big play.

Useful Hints for Online 21


You may have already heard about insurance – a bet you can make to defend your first wager from loss if the rival’s opened card is Ace. It seems to be a very useful ability to be sure of having at least 50% of your stake in case if a croupier has a BJ. But actually it’s wrong! All online blackjack strategies will tell you that the insurance is a bad way as it works against you. At its core, this is not protection against loss, but only a stake on whether the operator will have 21 or not. In case he will, you only have your original wager back with no extra winning, but if he won’t have a 21 you lose money with a chance to win the original bet.

Hopefully, these rules will show you all pitfalls and help you to play wisely!