Responsible Gambling


The overwhelming majority of casino game players take the gambling the way it is – a method for spending your time with fun and enjoyment. Still, there is a tiny minority, for which the pastime can become a problem.

Organizing casino nights, we are sure that our students won’t face any danger within the pastime. Herewith, playing responsibly is not extended to those suffering addictions, showing risk behavior, etc. This approach is perfect for EVERYONE, who is involved into gambling to some degree.

Here, we want to create more events, where multiple students all over the globe can meet and become friends. Such occasions include cooking club, exhibitions, and more. Casino nights is a chance to learn the culture of South Asian students, exchange your experience and have fun when playing. This is not a way to earn money or get some monetary benefits.

Define a Problem

Before you can turn to the treatment, you should identify the issue. Here is the list of questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you play for a long time period instead of working or seeing your relatives?
  • Does your excitement rate depend on the stake size you place?
  • Do you feel bored, lonely or angry when you are not playing games?
  • Do you believe gambling can help you escape from daily problems and issues?
  • Do you tell lies to your family, relatives, friends or colleagues about your free time, playing online instead?
  • Have you ever told anyone you won within gambling, though you lost indeed?
  • Have you tried to limit your gambling period before and failed?
  • Have you ever gambled with the aim to win back the lost credits?
  • Were you in debt as a result of gambling at least for once?
  • Have you ever masked the fact of your gaming leisure from your relatives, family, friends, co-workers?

Be honest with yourself and in case you reply in a positive way to any of the queries, you may need to take it seriously and turn to professional help.

Control the Situation

Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed because of the problem. As soon as you realize all the gambling process is no longer pure fun, but also includes other aims and targets, you can take some protective measures to control the leisure.

  • Ask someone you trust to store your money for a certain time period (for instance, 90 days), or ask him/her to help you make a budget plan.
  • Have some ‘gamble free’ period for spending the money you saved for your other activities or family.
  • Limit the total sum of inputs and time spent for gambling. Casino tools will help you set the desired boundaries.
  • Use a calendar and mark every day without gambling. That is how you can observe the progress vividly.
  • If nothing helps – do not gamble anymore. Get a self-exclusion period and avoid any kind of gambling for a certain time period.

Protected Measures at Online Casinos

Gambling houses and other portals offering games also take care of their customers. That is why, they usually provide some measures, which can be applied to you in order to keep you safe.

  • Deposit Limits – you can determine the amount of inputs made within a day, week or month. The figure can be increased, decreased or deleted instantly.
  • Account History – you can keep track of your pastime, analyzing the activity and observing the results of sessions.
  • Take a Break/Self-Exclude – there are two variants how to have rest. You can stop playing for a day up to six weeks. In case, the situation is more serious, you can take an exclusion period for 6 months – 5 years.

Independent Helping Centers

There are multiple reliable companies, which are oriented at problem gambling. They offer free professional treatment, advisory board within your region and more. Check such sites as BeGambleAware, Responsible Gambling Council, GamCare, and others to get some aid from experts.