Duke Undergraduate Journal of South Asian Studies

The North Carolina Consortium for South Asian Studies and Diya, Duke University’s South Asian students’ association, are proud to announce the creation of the Duke Undergraduate  Journal of South Asian Studies, the first published journal of its kind in the nation. The formation of DUJSAS is an extension of the successful work accomplished by Sanscript, Diya’s published magazine, which brought piercing, critical pieces written by Duke undergraduates to the Research Triangle community.

The South Asian community in this region is growing, as is the interest in South Asian trends, culture, religion, politics, and economics. It is truly an exciting time to be developing strong South Asian studies curricula here at Duke, the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University. Through DUJSAS, we aim to share exceptional academic work being conducted by undergraduate and graduate students at our universities, as well as all over the nation at institutions like yours, in the field of South Asian Studies.

We’re proud to include here an electronic copy of the latest issue of Sanscript, which includes several pieces written by Duke undergraduates on topics related to South Asia. You will read about female feticide, the complex views on surrogacy in Islam, and the animal-human boundary in Hinduism. This issue is only the beginning — the spark of an idea. The journal to come will comprise exclusively academic content from the humanities and social sciences.

We invite you to nominate exceptional undergraduate and graduate written pieces on South Asia-related topics to be published in our magazine. The inaugural issue of DUJSAS will be published in August, and will be made up of works written during this spring semester. We hope you will be able to share copies of the journal with your students at the beginning of the next semester. Papers will be blind-reviewed by an editorial board made up of undergraduates and faculty. Please see the attached cover letter and guidelines for more information.