Alekhya Sure, President of Internal Affairs

Year: 2016

Major: Economics major, Global Health minor

I'm passionate about using my resources, experiences, and education to help others in any way possible - be it through campus leadership, service, or in the classroom. I'm also passionate about discovering the strengths of others and helping them capitalize on those talents!

3 Things About Me:
1. I grew up on stage - show choir, musicals, ballet, Indian classical dance, and piano - but have raging stage fright!

2. If I could, I would only eat dessert all day, every day. Cake is its own food group in my world.

3. On any given day I probably drink a gallon of various forms of green tea.

Anshu Vipparla, President of External Affairs

Year: 2016

Major: Neuroscience with a minor in Global Health and Chemistry

I have this addiction to meeting people because I just love saying “Hi” to people and listening to all of their incredible stories. I also love dancing to every kind of music including no music, I've been a die-hard sports fan (more importantly a Boston sports fan) ever since I can remember, and I'm always looking for ways to make a difference in everything I do no matter how small. 

3 Things About Me:

1. I've moved more times in my life than the number of fingers on both my hands combined.

2. Without me and my love of food, my brother could've been born on a train.

3. I once auditioned for the PBS kids' show “Zoom” in Boston and discovered I was probably never meant to be on television.

Aniruddh 2014 D.JPG

Aniruddh Prakash, Treasurer

Year: 2017

Major: BioMedical Engineering and Markets and Management Studies
Hometown: Boulder, CO

I'm passionate about doing what I can to help those around me and make them feel welcome. Also, I'm all about fun :)

3 Things About Me:

1. I sing Carnatic Music

2. I play Ultimate Frisbee

3. I love meeting new people.


Kunal Goel, Webmaster

Year: 2016

Major: Neuroscience with Chem Minor

Something I'm really passionate about is trying to turn my ideas into realities. I've found the best way for me to do that is through Graphic and Web Design. Alongside my Neuroscience career at Duke, I've taken small ideas of my own and used them to help others and myself achieve really cool things. 

3 Things About Me:

1. I like watching movies and TV alot... really just whatever my roommate and I find on Netflix

2. I'm also pretty into music, but mainly just Drake. I know we were brothers separated at birth, i just can't prove it yet

3.  I'd wear open-toed shoes everyday if I could. Crocs >>> Sperrys, like its even a competition



Eshita Singh, Publicity Chair

Year: 2016

Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Omaha, NE

What am I passionate about? Who knows, I'm really bad at responding to emails so I never answered this.

3 Things About Me:
Three things. Ridiculous. Number one, Curiosity. I love to learn. I am constantly on YouTube learning a new tennis stroke or Calligraphy or the next big Bollywood dance. I am a little crazy and sometimes a little too logical. One thing for sure, I will try to bring a smile on your face. 


Sonal Gagrani, Communications Chair

Year: 2016

Major: Neuroscience

What I love about Diya: Diya is a great way to bring the South Asian culture that a lot of us have to leave at home back to campus, which becomes our new home. We also get to share our culture with people with so many other backgrounds. What I am passionate about: I am passionate about creating relationships with people, places and things I interact with, about dance, about understanding the way that people think and remember and learn, and most importantly just about finding ways to live a happy life.

Image 1.jpg

Neha Pathmanaban, Community Service Chair

Year: 2016

Major: Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering

I'm passionate about Creation and Innovation. Understanding the world around me. Discovering the little things that bring us happiness and holding on to those moments of joy.

Three Things to know about Me

1) I’m obsessed with coffee. Coffee < espresso < ristretto.

2) I love early morning runs, they are my favorite way to start my day.

3) I have a pink moon cactus named Fierce.


Shashidhar Masireddy, Cultural Chair 

Year: 2016

Major: BME and Econ

One of my passions is learning about the different ways through which the world is connected, especially through an economic viewpoint. More importantly, I love sports, spending way too much time on ESPN, and taking naps. Diya is awesome because it offers a common ground for people who might have otherwise never met each other. It brings people together through a variety of events and allows us to make friendships that extend beyond Diya. 

3 Things About Me: 

1. I would eat Indian food every day if possible. 

2. I'm on the Ultimate Frisbee team.

3. I love being a Cameron Crazie!!


Priyanka KanalPolitical Chair

Year: 2017

Major: Public Policy, Global Health minor

Hometown: Chicago, IL

I am passionate about learning about the world, asking questions, noticing things other people overlook, and living one day at a time

Three things to know about me:  I enjoy dancing to very loud music and drinking cappuccinos in my spare time. Also, if I won the lottery, I would spend it traveling the world. My current “dream trip” is to go InterRailing across Europe.



Shlok ShahAwaaz Co-Chair

Year: 2017

Major: Studying Economics and Public Policy.

I’m passionate about increasing cross-cultural awareness through the performing arts and believes Diya, and Awaaz specifically is the best platform at Duke to work through. Excited to be a part of Duke Diya tradition and light up the Awaaz stage once again.

3 Things About Me:

Proud singer, beatboxer in Duke's premier A Capella Group "Speak of The Devil”, and actor with years of practice on and off the stage


Jemi GalaniAwaaz Co-Chair
Year: 2017
Major: Biology
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

I'm passionate about making a difference, whether it's about contributing to a project (like Awaaz) or helping others doing community service.  Diya is the perfect place that gives us the opportunity to do both!


Shalini Subbarao, Social Chair

Year: 2017

Major: Neuroscience & Global Health

Hometown: St. Louis

I'm passionate about challenging my views by learning about other people's perspectives on issues. And I'm passionate about dancing! I love performing and watching others perform. 

3 Things About Me:

1. I could eat cake all day everyday.

2. I love watching scary movies even though I get nightmares for days after I watch them. 

3. I'm a proud St. Louisian (yes, that's a real thing). Go Cards!!