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Ajay Parikh
President of Internal Affairs
Year: Senior
Major: Public policy studies and Global Health
What I love about Diya: I love that Diya is so inclusive and encourages students of all backgrounds to not only learn about South Asian culture, but also reflect on what it truly means to them. Oh, and Awaaz is awesome too.
What am I passionate about: I’m passionate about bringing different people together in order to help others.






Anshul Mital
President of External Affairs

Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Engineering, Markets and Management Studies
Dorm: Kilgo J, West Campus (Brownstone section!)
What I love about Diya: Awaaz!! Specifically, I love the unique opportunity Awaaz gives our members to truly embrace and share their diverse backgrounds and talents with friends, family, and one another.
What I am passionate about: I am passionate about bringing people together, especially many of the remarkable individuals I’ve met at Diya, Brownstone, and the rest of Duke’s campus.





Sachin Doshi
Communications Chair

Year: Senior
Dorm: Kilgo P, West Campus
Major: Neuroscience
What I love about Diya: A fresh voice is always embraced.
What are you passionate about? Not really any one thing…just being a better me. All that I do, I do for this.







Alekhya Sure
Social Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: BME, Econ minor
Dorm: Randolph, East Campus
What I love about Diya: The events Diya coordinates are diverse and open to so many. We are not an Indian organization, as most might assume, as we appeal to people of many cultures. At any given Diya event, you are bound to learn a little bit more about each other and what makes Duke so perfect for each of us. The mentors you will find through Diya are individuals that definitely hold themselves to a high standard – and are more than willing to share their secrets to success whether it be academics, athletics, or the arts.



Anuj Chhabra

Year: Sophomore
Major: Economics/Computer Science
Dorm: Keohane 4D, West Campus
What I love about Diya: Having such a close-knit of fellow South Asian students is truly great; seeing the Awaaz performance for each of the past five years has been truly incredible!
What I am passionate about: I’m passionate about seeing change where others see convention, staying active, and leaving places better than how I found them.




Anshu Vipparla
Position: Cultural Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: Neuroscience
Dorm: Keohane 4A, West Campus
What I love about Diya: It one of the most vibrant and inclusive organizations on campus with events like Awaaz and Holi that literally draws people from all backgrounds to celebrate South Asian traditions.
What I am passionate about: I love being a part of the Duke dance community, watching sports like no other, and volunteering whenever I can.




Surya Ravichandran
Community Service Chair

Year: Sophomore
Dorm: Kilgo
What I love about Diya: The rush of new faces, experiences and challenges; the intense emotions of growing up and being on your own was something that I found particularly challenging at the start of my Freshman year at Duke. While walking into interest meetings for social groups and academic opportunities always proved daunting, coming into my first Diya social was different. Right off the bat I felt at home eating samosas with people who shared similar obsessions with Bollywood movies and cricket– people who loved their culture and wanted to keep that alive. For me, Diya provides a home away from home. While I feel much of my time at Duke is spent trying new things and challenging myself, I feel like I can always come back to a network of people that represents a kind of nest I can return to. 

What I am passionate about: One of my absolute favorite places is the back of an ambulance! Weird, you may think–not a surprise. Being an Emergency Medical Technician in my senior high school is what fueled me to pursue my pre-medical route at Duke, and to this day still does. I guess it’s the adrenaline junkie in me that secretly loves the thrill of being in an instance that is so exciting, yet so crucial. 



Eshita Singh
Publicity Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: Neuroscience/Global Health Minor
Dorm: Few GG/West Campus
What I love about Diya: What’s not to love? It comprises of a close knit group of people working together to display their love of South Asian culture with the Duke community. Each and everyone comes from a different background but with a common goal. There is so much to learn and so much to do!
What I am passionate about: This question still boggles my mind to this day. I am passionate about many things from the arts (dancing/drawing) to academics(Neuroscience) to sports (Tennis/basketball). One passion I have for sure is my desire to make this world a safe and wonderful place for all from giving medical attention to those in need to empowering women and ending discrimination.


971746_4290566441825_200825612_nSonal Gagrani


Year: Sophomore
Major: Neuroscience
Dorm: Edens 2A
What I love about Diya: Diya is a great way to bring the South Asian culture that a lot of us have to leave at home back to campus, which becomes our new home. We also get to share our culture with people with so many other backgrounds.
What I am passionate about: I am passionate about creating relationships with people, places and things I interact with, about dance, about understanding the way that people think and remember and learn, and most importantly just about finding ways to live a happy life.



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Susheel Nalla
Freshman Representative
Year: 2017
Major: Neuroscience
What I love about Diya: Diya gives everyone a unique opportunity to experience South Asian culture through awesome events like Awaaz while building friendships that will last beyond our time at Duke.
What I am passionate about: I am passionate about learning new things to help the people around me. The world is so interesting, I love figuring out how everything is connected to each other. Oh, and I love sports! Go Broncos!



Raya Islam

Freshman Representative

Year: 2017
Major: Mechanical Engineering
What I love about Diya: I enjoy how open-minded the close-knit community can be while impacting such a variety of people on campus. I guess Awaaz is pretty cool, too.
What I am passionate about: I am passionate about finding a balance between the happiness of the people around me with my own. I am also really passionate about hot sauce and anything New Orleans related. GO SAINTS!