Diya is a service oriented organization. Every year, Diya partners with a charity benefitting the South Asian Community to raise both money and awareness for the charity’s cause. In past years, Diya has partnered with smaller local charities, such as Kiran in Raleigh, NC, as well as global charities such as Children’s Art Village. Diya begins fundraising for its annual charity starting with Awaaz, Duke’s largest student-run on campus production. As the year progresses, other fundraising events such as the Triangle Semiformal, Hookah and Henna, Alumni Kite Flying Social, among many others, also contribute to the annual charity.

The charity that Awaaz will be supporting this year is:

Magic Bus

Changing the course
of children's lives.
One game at a time.

Magic Bus steers children towards a better life with better awareness, better life skills, and better opportunities, in the journey from childhood to livelihood.

Magic Bus, founded in 1999, is a non-profit organisation working with 250,000 children and 8000 volunteer mentors every week from marginalised communities in India. We are on course to have one million children in our programme by 2015.


Vision: Magic Bus will give millions of children living in poverty the opportunity to control the way they view the world, the freedom to choose the role they will play in it, and the power to define their own destiny.

Mission: Magic Bus is committed to developing local community mentors who take children living in poverty on the journey from childhood to livelihood. Over a ten year period, our mentors work with children and parents through a weekly curriculum of sporting activities, which are used as metaphors to change behaviour in the areas of education, health, gender and livelihood. We always access existing community partnerships to ensure that young people move from poverty, and develop into young adults with greater control and choice.

All Magic Bus graduates are offered the opportunity to enrol in livelihood programmes, creating at scale, a movement of competent, confident young people ready to make a significant difference to their lives.


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