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About Diya

Diya, Duke University’s South Asian Students Association, seeks to represent those whose roots are in the eight major nations of South Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.¬†

Diya is the Hindi-Urdu word meaning “light”. As a university organization, Diya strives to promote awareness and appreciation of South Asian culture and tradition through¬†political, cultural, social, and community service events on campus. It also aims to provide opportunities for Diya members to meet and share a strong common collegiate experience.

Diya is committed to providing a forum for interaction through events relating to South Asian Americans and anyone interested in South Asian culture, politics or economics. Political discussions and speakers feature topics ranging from international political relations to South Asian dating and gender roles. Cultural programming includes Triangle Garbas, Eid celebrations and participation in Holi and Campus-Wide Fast. Community service opportunities at Ronald McDonald House, in downtown Durham, SAALT and SEEDS are all part of Diya’s mission to serve those outside Duke’s walls. Social events like club mixers and semiformals, especially with other Duke cultural groups and South Asian organizations at UNC and NC State, are also an extremely enjoyable aspect of life with Diya.